Monday, September 21, 2009

The Guys move to new address!

Well we have moved to a new nest in Newnan, GA. The people that live with us decided to move into a larger nest and we got to come along with them. Our new home has 3 different floors. Yet for whatever reason we are only allowed on the top two floors. Me and Minnie are having fun flying from the first floor to the second floor. We even found a new place to sit and poop!
The little person that lives with us keeps inviting her friends over and they love to let us out of our cage so we can fly around and play with them. This past weekend she had several of her friends come over to spend the night. She lead them downstairs to what they call the basement to set up camp. I thought for sure me and Minnie would be able to fly do there with them. But no such luck! We did get to eat some ice cream for the first time. Not sure if we like that stuff or not. I think we will stick to nuts and seeds.
We are a little closer to one set of our babies so who knows maybe we can go for a visit.