Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Micky Mouse at 1 year old!

The first flock that hatched had 2 little birdies.  Donald and Daisy Duck were the first babies that Minnie and Micky created.  Minnie was a very good mother and up until the babies feathers started to come in Micky was a great father.  Both would share in the feeding  and cleaning duties.  But once the little guys feathers started to grow in Mickey wanted them out of the cage.  He began to pluck the feathers from the back of their heads when they wee about three and a half weeks old.  Once we took notice of this we moved the little guys into their own cage.  We began to feed them by hand most of the time.  When we would let Minnie and Micky out to fly we would also let Donald and Daisy out to walk around on the floor.  Minnie would go right over to them to feed both babies.  Mickey on the other hand we would have to keep away from the little guys so he could no longer pluck out their feathers.  The little birdies did not seem to mind having their own space.  Within 2 weeks they were done eating by had and moved on to seed.  These little birdies were a mess to take care of at this young age.  They would stay at the bottom of the cage almost all of the time.  When they would attempt to fly everyting in the cage would move onto the surrounding floor.  This caused us to have to vaccuum the floor 4 to 5 times a day.  
It was at that time we found them a new home.  They moved out without a fuss.  We still see them once a week or so and they are doing well.  They love to fly and take baths with their new owners.  


  1. We're so glad to hear that Minnie took such good care of her babies! Mickey will need a firm talking to if he's ever going to be a dad again!
    We're happy that Daisy and Donald are doing well in their new home!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  2. Mickey is very handsome! We are happy to know that both parents looked after their babies although wondered is it typical for the male to then want them out?
    We wondered if he was jealous of the attention. Sorry for asking questions but we did tell you we dont know anything at all about cockatiels!!!
    Martha & Bailey xx